Top Gear Is Back To Banging Up Old Cars Again, Thankfully Without Chris Evans

Screencap via Top Gear
Screencap via Top Gear

While we’ve all been distracted by whether its trio of ex-hosts’ new show is worth watching or not, the latest incarnation of Top Gear is still there, plodding along in the background. They’ve got a new season soon, and thank goodness, there’s not a single appearance of Chris Evans at all in the trailer.

That is quite possibly the worst drag race I’ve ever seen, but it does suggest there’s a good cheap-car challenge on the horizon. What more could we possibly want from a car show?


Top Gear’s old hosts are hooning for an American company. The BBC’s Top Gear is now led by an American. The world is completely upside down, but at least it looks fun.

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This may be blasphemous twards the almoghty lord clarkson, but after comparing aston Vulcan reviews I think new top gear actually has a shot at being better than the grand tour.