Top Gear India Special: Video Open Thread

Is your torrent of the Top Gear India episode not yet done? Then join our open thread and argue about how a trio of aging Brit cars might or mightn't promote trade between Britain and the former colony, and future superpower, and how the episode compares with special episodes' past.

As of now, the show's been wrapped for more than an hour, and the YouTube clips have yet to hit. Do your part to put new clips and links as they appear in the comments below. Which is how we get the "Open Thread" we speak of in the headline up top.


UPDATE: First clip up. For now...

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Patrick Frawley

Okay. I'm watching the 995trep YouTube part 1 of 6 version because my fiddling with torrents has proven fruitless. Anna is studying for her GMATs behind me. I'm happily guzzling Labatt's and I cannot stop giggling.

The only car of the three I would dream of driving there is the Mini. Why no one went for a Land Rover escapes me.