Top Gear Host Paddy McGuinness Crashes A Lamborghini Diablo During Filming

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On Tuesday afternoon the Top Gear hosts, Chris Harris, Paddy McGuinness, and uh, hang on, I have to look up the third one. Ah, right, Andrew Flintoff. Anyway, the three of them were driving through North Yorkshire driving some iconic 1980s and 1990s supercars. In the process of the production, McGuinness chucked his Lamborghini off the road and caused a good amount of damage to the car. Thankfully he was not harmed in the crash, but he might be once the owner of the Lamborghini catches up to him.

The crash happened on the B6255 near Ribblehead, according to local police, which sounds like a totally made up place to me. According to bystanders, the weather in the area was pretty dry, but the road was still damp in places. Based on photos from the scene, it looks like the car ripped up its front and rear bumpers, and possibly backed into a fence post. None of this looks like the result of a massive shunt, just a poorly judged bit of driving in inclement weather in an unforgiving car. It happens to the best of us, no?

The Top Gear boys have only been back to filming since the 11th of June, so maybe they’ve got some cobwebs to shake off.

A BBC spokesperson told “During Top Gear filming in North Yorkshire today presenter Paddy McGuinness’s car skidded and left the road, coming to an almost immediate stop.

“Paddy was quickly taken to the production unit base for medical checks and is unhurt. No other vehicles were involved and the Police, who had been monitoring filming, were quickly on the scene to assist.

“Safety on Top Gear is always the production team’s priority and the vehicle’s speed at the time was within the road’s limit of 60mph.”


The Brit tabloids have seriously played up the crash for effect, as “cheating death” or a “high-speed crash” or that it was a “horror” but it appears he is totally fine. While I’m sure the damage to the car will be quite expensive, it doesn’t look at first glance to have been enough to write the car off completely. A bit of bodywork and a the Brit equivalent of an Earl Schieb spray job and it’ll look like brand new.

Besides, Rhys went out and found all of the missing pieces. Just bodge them back on and get back to filmin’ ye wanks.


And, because we’re all thinking it, this joke just had to be made.