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Toonces Is Back: OnStar Texting Cat Is The New Driving Cat

Illustration for article titled Toonces Is Back: OnStar Texting Cat Is The New Driving Cat

At a GM OnStar walk-through on Facebook and other new tech enhancements this past week, we saw the brand's new LiveOn marketing campaign. One element is the return of Toonces, the driving cat, to Saturday Night Live. Seriously!


What we're told is Toonces, the lovable cat that can drive a car... badly, will be coming back for Saturday Night Live's November 1st 35th Anniversary primetime special. The purpose of the placement — part of OnStar's new "LiveOn" campaign we showed you a teaser of earlier — is to highlight OnStar's new text-to-voice system we saw in beta form this past week in Detroit (more on that later today).


So what do we know about the return of "Toonces?" Precious little we're afraid. All we were shown was the above placard that said:

SNL character "Toonces the Driving Cat" returns as "Toonces the Texting Cat" and utilizes OnStar to highlight how we can help avoid distracted driving.

In case you don't remember Toonces, here's the first time he showed up on SNL.

Oh that Toonces, what a character! As you can see, the Toonces sketch was pretty lame — but our favorite is still "The Tooncinator" sketch which we've not only found on some random site, we've even embedded it below:

See, we told you Toonces would be back!

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Death By Cornbread

Sooo they're promoting using facebook while driving with a cat that drives like an asian woman?