Faking your own death isn't easy. Pulling it off requires a ton of careful planning and attention to detail. (Don't ask me how I know this.) You can't leave any room for error — not even in your window tint.

That's what police say finally brought down a fugitive white collar criminal who faked his death in 2012 and had been living in hiding ever since, according to NBC News.


They report that 47-year-old Aubrey Lee Price was arrested this week in Georgia after authorities stopped for having too-dark window tint on his pickup truck.

Upon arresting Price — now sporting a beard and long hair — authorities realized he was wanted in connection with an investment scheme that defrauded members of the bank where he worked as a director out of some $21 million. Price was accused of funneling money from the bank into various securities accounts to hide his thefts and trading losses, the FBI says.

Price was indicted on wire fraud charges in July by a federal grand jury, but a month before that, he was believed to have committed suicide by jumping from a boat in Key West. He had not been seen since he sent a lengthy confession letter to acquaintances that indicated he planned to kill himself.


Price now faces 30 years in prison, plus whatever fine comes with the window tint violation.

Photos credit Shutterstock, Glynn County Sheriff's Office

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