Tony Stewart's Daytona 500 Dream Thwarted After All (Updated)

Seven cars in total were damaged after Tony Stewart got loose coming into Turn 4 on Lap 41 of the Daytona 500. Stewart drifted into Ryan Blaney. Behind them, Matt Kenseth and Michael Waltrip made contact, sending Kenseth in to the wall. Sorry, Stewart and Kenseth, it is not your year. Update: Smoke is back in the game! Update 2: No, no he's not.

Jamie McMurray, Clint Bowyer and Brad Keselowski also suffered minor damage from the incident. Blaney was even able to remain on the lead lap. Stewart and Kenseth, however, were forced back into the pits for repairs.

Stewart took complete responsibility for the chain reaction of wall and car smacks.


"I take the blame for that one," he radioed in to his team. "That was 100 percent my fault."

Kenseth and Stewart's crews were still making repairs to the cars on the restart. Stewart's was badly damaged enough to need to go behind the wall. According to Fox Sports, the team planned to swap out a busted spindle.

Two-time Daytona 500 winner Kenseth may still have a chance at winning the 500, but it's unlikely that Stewart will be able to catch up after his car gets repaired.


UPDATE: Stewart's car is back out!


Update 2: Stewart's car is back in the garage and he's out of the race for good. Maybe next year, Smoke.

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I honestly tried watching this live on Fox. As a European and car and race enthusiasts trying to find out what is so great about NASCAR. Biggest race of the year seems a good place to start. Well, I gave up after 45 minutes.

Why? Because Fox kept interrupting the commercials with a bunch of cars for 2 laps. Really, I watched 45 minutes and got about 10 minutes non-commercials tops. In those 10 minutes they manage to put commercials all over the screen, show a cheesy clip of drivers and their kids a some historical footage. Hello!! I whant to see the actual cars on the actual track racing! Then there is the comment that does not make any sense, but that could be because the three gentlemen seemed to be rolled in from the home of the troubled elderly. The actual footage and production value was poor too. Can't see them going into or out of corners. The camera seems to randomly jump mid corner to mid straight. You get some fuzzy footage with names drawn above the car. Why? Nothing happens in that footage and the livery and huge numbers on the side tell who is driving it.

I tried, I really did. But with 10 minutes of poor race footage after watching for 45 minutes I gave up. How should I get into it an into the excitement of a race when you don't show the actual race. I can't imagine you guys watch this on Fox. If you have a better option please let me know, I will try again for another race.