Tony Stewart Is Pissed And Wants Martin Truex Jr. To Know About It

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Martin Truex Jr.'s number 78 Chevy had a bit of a run-in with Tony Stewart's number 14 Chevy during today's NASCAR Sprint Cup Auto Club 400. So, Stewart let Truex know in the pits after the race—rather heatedly. (At least no one threw any punches or grabbed onto any firesuits this time.)

Truex had an issue with Aric Amirola on track, but collected Tony Stewart's front end as he drove across the width of the track to dart down to the other side.


"If you wanna fuck with him, fuck with him," said Stewart in the video, captured by USA Today motorsports reporter Jeff Gluck. Stewart was pretty clear that he'd like to be left out of any issues that other drivers had with each other on track. After all, it sort of ruined his day.

Tony Stewart told NASCAR a much more safe-for-work version of why he was mad at Truex:

I wasn't delusional that we were going to win the race or anything but if he's got a problem with someone else and got his hand out the window changing three lanes and (he) drives back across punching a hole in my nose.

Stewart believes his car would have had a top-ten finish had it not gotten punched in the nose by Truex. He drove his car to a 14th place finish regardless, even with a front end that was covered in black duct tape from the smack. It's the best finish he's had all year, far better than the 30th place he scored at Atlanta Motor Speedway.

But oh, is he mad at Truex. Best, schmest. You're always going to kick yourself if you know you could have done better.


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