Tonight Is The Season Finale Of The Grand Tour In Case You Forgot

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You may not have forgotten that tonight is the 13th and final episode of the premiere season of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May’s Amazon Prime show, The Grand Tour. I almost did forget. And I haven’t yet seen the 12th episode. Nor the last 20 minutes of the 11th.


Don’t take this as any sort of indication that I do not like the show. I do like it. I really started to like it with the fifth episode, and it’s been smooth sailing from there (my only major reservation since the fifth episode being that weird Namibia road-trip two-parter).

We’ll have a very special roundup of all 13 episodes coming for you soon as there is much to talk about, as well as a bunch of other coverage. Pretty much any somewhat-interesting excuse we can get ‘The Grand Tour’ into the headline for.

Until then enjoy the last episode. The good news is that they’ve claimed Season 2 is already well on its way, and the episode ends with with the remark that the trio will be back by year’s end, so you (and I) have time to catch up.

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At this point, I think some of the smaller youtube outfits are much more interesting than TG. Even a certain someone with a carmax warranty who we won’t name. TG is just a pompous pageant, in which I’m learning nothing. I’d rather watch Torchinsky fall through the rotting wood frame of a hand-made Romanian car in Tennessee.