Remember when we told you how Tomas Delgado was suing the parents of the boy he struck and killed to recoup bodyshop money? Well it seems the Spanish people got a little miffed by what would have to be considered one of the most ill-conceived legal actions in Iberian history. Local outrage has pressured Delgado-the-sleazy D-bag into withdrawing the suit. Hundreds of protesters gathered outside the courthouse and the pending lynch mob convinced Delgado and his lawyer that continued litigation would be a bad idea. The latest coverage also brings to light additional details that make the case both more appalling, and more bizarre.


This article on CNN delivers some info we weren't aware of. First and foremost, the accident occurred in August 2004 - over 3 years ago. What kind of man circles back to such a tragic incident and not only forces the family to relive it but brings a lawyer to the party as well? A sleazy d-bag, that's what kind of man. Also, we discover that the victim, young Enaitz Iriondo Trinidad, was on vacation, biking back to the campground where he was staying, when he was struck by Delgado and dragged for 347 feet. Grisly. We also find out the police estimated that Delgado was traveling 107 mph in a 55mph zone, higher then reported before. Of course, Delgado may regret that he stirred up a hornets nest with his latest maneuver. Antonio Iriondo, Enaitz's father, has announced that he may pursue criminal charges in the case. That's right, Delgado killed a kid while speeding and didn't even have to face jail time.

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