Illustration for article titled Tom Hanks Has So Many Emmys He Uses Them For Hood Ornaments

Tom Hanks showed off just how any more Emmys he has than you by taping one to the front of his Town Car. We get it Tom, you've got a lot of Emmys.

Hanks won this Emmy for Outstanding Miniseries or TV Movie as an executive producer for "Game Change" at the 64th Emmy Awards. It's his fifth, and maybe he's just run out of space for awards at this point. He's got over 50 in total.


He let the world know how he handles his awards on Twitter with an accompanying video.

Just like how you're not really rich until you start burning $100 bills for fun, you don't really have a lot of Emmys until you can use one as a hood ornament.


(Hat tip to UW Huskies!)

Photo Credit: Tom Hanks/Twitter via Reddit

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