Tokyo Auto Show Preview: Toyota RiN Concept Car

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Toyota's revealed a bevy of press shots of their new concept cars in the wee hours of the morning today in preparation for their official reveals at the Tokyo Auto Show later this month. First of the litter up this morning is the very golf-cart-like Toyota RiN concept car. Which is good it looks like a golf cart considering it's supposed to "turn the [driver] attention to society and nature." And nothing says attention to nature and society like golf — or rather, nothing says it like relieving oneself in the woods on the 11th green after having one too many Sapporo. Full release after the jump.


The RiN focuses on "increased comfort" and "serene, healthy living". Through their relationship to the vehicle, drivers are encouraged to reevaluate themselves and, furthermore, to turn their attention to society and nature, producing a healthy rhythm for both mind and body.

* Promotes a healthier well-being thanks to features such as seats that help maintain good back posture and image displays aligned with the driver's psychological state that are conveyed within the meter cluster of the "mood-training" steering control.
* In addition to featuring comfortable, heated seats, an oxygen-level conditioner and pinpoint humidifier, uses green glass that reduces infiltration of ultraviolet and infrared light and makes the surroundings seem brighter and clearer to increase cabin comfort.
* Creates a feeling of harmony with the surrounding environment by using sliding doors with a low window that lets you view nature at ground level, as well as headlights with light distribution control that take into consideration pedestrians and vehicles coming in the opposite direction.
* Uses the motif of the deep-rooted and tall-growing Yakusugi tree (a variety of Japanese cypress) for its exterior and interior design to express both "harmony with nature" and "healthy mind and body".
* Contrasts deep green with beige in its interior color scheme to richen the complexions of those onboard and evoke a healthy mental and physical feeling.


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