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Toddler Thrown From SUV In Police Chase Survives Crash

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

A young girl was ejected from a vehicle crash when robbery suspects fleeing the Lubbock, Texas police flipped their SUV Saturday night. Miraculously, she got up and ran back toward the wrecked car, which somehow had landed upright after rolling completely over.

In the video, you can see her get up stumble over some chunks of SUV, and get up again to run toward the truck, ostensibly to get back in. I don't want to be a spoiler, but her mother came and got her before the cops moved in. It will likely be the last hug mom will enjoy from her little girl for a while.


Her parents were arrested, and might be the recipients for the worst/dumbest parents of the year award. Not only had they robbed some poor sap at gunpoint, they also hadn't properly restrained their little bundle of joy in a car seat when they drove recklessly to avoid being caught by the fuzz.

The robbery victim was beside himself, and told 7 News that he couldn't even believe he was getting mugged by two parents with their baby sitting in the backseat of the family SUV.


The girl was treated for minor injuries and is staying with relatives. With her luck, she might try out to be a stunt driver in a few years. (Hat tip to parkrndl!)

Photo credit: 7 News