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Todd Palin One-Time Owner Of Rare Centurion Truck Conversion

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Among information gained from the Sarah Palin emails was the Yahoo ID of her husband, Alaska's "first dude," Todd Palin. A quick Google search shows that "fek9wnr," as Todd Palin's commonly known on the interwebs, once offered up for sale an old F-350 "Centurion" truck (not pictured) on a Yahoo! car board. The message, dated August 2006, is signed by "Todd Alaska" so we're fairly sure it's him — we mean, how many guys named Todd can live in Alaska anyway? But that's not as important as the question, what is a Centurion? Glad you asked. Before the days of the Excursion and Expedition, Ford didn't offer a full-sized, four-door SUV. The closest vehicle they had was the two-door Ford Bronco — not always the easiest vehicle to use when you've got to stuff a field-dressed moose and close to half a dozen kids in the back. So, to enhance utility, Centurion Vehicles, a car customization company in Michigan, took the full-sized F-150 platform and added the cab and upper frame from a Bronco to create a Suburban competitor: the Centurion. The message, while neither pithy or long, posted on Yahoo!, is below.

Kyle, I'm thinking about selling my 1987 f-350 6.9 Diesel. Todd Alaska

Technically, this means that Palin owned or still owns a diesel hybrid truck (F-350/Bronco hybrid). This, combined with Sarah Palin's Mustang Grande indicates that, although Sarah Palin's foreign policy experience may consist of being able to see Russia from the window of her home and her knowledge of the global economy is entirely based on knowing oil is important, we do know her husband at least has experience with eclectic one-off vehicles. Anyone know if he owned a Citroen? [Source: Yahoo! Groups, Photo: TheBoatHouse]