The LaFerrari, with all of somewhere north of 900 horsepower, is a very fast car. You can measure its raw acceleration in time, or distance. Me, I prefer to measure it in neck. Just look at that dudeā€™s neck.

This LaFerrari, accelerating from zero all the way up to 215 miles an hour at the Vmax200 event according to AutoEvolution, is damn quick. How quick? Well, Road & Track tested one getting to 150 MPH and doing the quarter mile in less than ten seconds, but I know what youā€™re already thinking. ā€œSure, numbers are fine, but how much NECK?ā€

From the video above, we can clearly see, plenty of neck.

Fernando Alonso, a Spaniard who is also famous for occasionally driving Ferraris, has plenty of neck as well. Here he is cracking walnuts with his neck: