To Understand The LaFerrari's Acceleration Just Look At This Guy's Neck

The LaFerrari, with all of somewhere north of 900 horsepower, is a very fast car. You can measure its raw acceleration in time, or distance. Me, I prefer to measure it in neck. Just look at that dude’s neck.

This LaFerrari, accelerating from zero all the way up to 215 miles an hour at the Vmax200 event according to AutoEvolution, is damn quick. How quick? Well, Road & Track tested one getting to 150 MPH and doing the quarter mile in less than ten seconds, but I know what you’re already thinking. “Sure, numbers are fine, but how much NECK?”


From the video above, we can clearly see, plenty of neck.

Fernando Alonso, a Spaniard who is also famous for occasionally driving Ferraris, has plenty of neck as well. Here he is cracking walnuts with his neck:


Deputy Editor, Jalopnik. 2002 Lexus IS300 Sportcross.


Man that level of acceleration is surreal to the uninitiated. I remember riding in a friend’s turbocharged (and other stuff, of course) FD RX-7, and he told me to sit back as we got onto an on-ramp. My back is already against the seat so I think nothing of it, but then he floors it which throws my head into the headrest. I physically couldn’t move forward for a couple seconds.

It’s such a sensation. Can’t imagine what a liter bike must feel like.