'Tis The Season To Buy One Of The Last Ford Fusions For $10,000 Off

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The Ford Fusion officially joined its sedan brethren among the dearly departed of the family-car species in August 2020. While the car is no longer in production, thousands remain on dealer lots, awaiting new homes. If you want one of the last new Ford sedans in America, now is a good time to act. Dealers are so desperate to be rid of them that you can get a discount of $10,000.


Ford announced its carpocalypse all the way back in 2018 — that feels like a decade ago — with the Fusion being the last sedan holdout. The car sold well through the beginning of 2020 and is still moving some units during the pandemic, but more than 11,000 remain on dealer lots.

How desperate are dealerships to get rid of Fusions? Check out the hefty discounts. Here’s a 2020 Titanium trim Fusion going for nearly $10,000 off its sticker in Illinois. Too much? Here’s another amazing price slash of nearly $10,000 for a Fusion SE in Missouri. Be sure to check the fine print as dealerships will sometimes tie rebates and trade-ins into the list price.

If deep price cuts aren’t enticing enough, Ford’s site shows zero-interest loans and some cash rebates. In California you can get the zero rate for 84 months, and in Illinois I’m seeing zero percent for 66 or 60 months with varying rebates. A zero percent APR means the price you agree to is the price you pay, with no interest on the loan.

If you’re into the Fusion there are some screaming deals to be had here. These deals even apply to the Fusion Energi models, too!

That said, keep in mind that 84 months comes out to seven long years. Which means you’ll still be making payments long after the warranty expires, so be careful.

Once buyers gobble up the last of these Fusions, Ford will be without a sedan in the American market. The domination of crossovers, killing off sedans, brings tears to my eyes. At least the last Ford sedan is trying its best to finish up with a blowout.

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I just bought a 2020 Regal for $21.7K new, it’s quiet and quick, and exactly what I need for a road tripper. 0-60 in 5.5 seconds, 34 MPG highway so far. The hatchback is convenient.  You can tell that it’s very German in construction.