Tirrito Vajon Update: Mystery Supercar Specs Revealed

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The other day we brought you thrilling footage of the upcoming Tirrito Vajon undergoing rigorous developmental testing on some roundabouts. Today, we have even more exclusive info on the mysterious Italian supercar. "Andry," the owner of the Vajon project assured us that the engine is indeed a 3.0L biturbo mill, but now he's released more specifics. Contrary to speculation that the Vajon is powered by an enlarged "lawn mower" engine, Andry tells us that his car is V8-powered and can produce about 500hp. When asked where the powertrain was sourced from, the owner insisted, in broken email-ese, that "nothing, i repeart, nothing was from other cars!! i build by my self all the parts of this car!! i developed about 600 pieces.. think designed and done all by my selves!!! iwant to sell this car and stat one new car.. i just start to designe it..." No other details have been confirmed yet. Andry added, "My car it's still under costruction like you can see." So while we've got some new answers, we now have even more questions about this homebrewed exotic. We'll keep you updated with further developments. In the meantime, check out the gallery below for shots of the Vajon undergoing construction.



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Jeff Glucker

Burrito Vajeen... very niiiiiice.

My brother, Bilo, he make one too... and we use to drive over Jews and steal their gold.