Tim Schrick Is The Stig?

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According to autoblog.nl, the Top Gear crew was caught while on location by a video-camera-wielding fan-boy of the show outside the race track. It was there they caught a glimpse, Bigfoot-like, of a driver in white racing gear similar to that worn by our Stiggie. More importantly, he was carrying a matching white helmet. The Dutch fan-boys at the site all over this whole blogging about cars thing have identified the chap as none other than former Volkswagen Polo racer Tim Schrick. Wait, a German? No way. There's no way a German could talk so many Brits around the Top Gear track at Dunsfold Park. Inconceivable. If this is true, the producers might as well just change his name to Das Stigenwehrfer and get Max Mosley to be his goose-stepping assistant. Hmm, that makes us wonder — you think he makes stars coming into his reasonably priced car say "Jawohl, mein Führenstiggie!" [autoblog.nl]