Tiff Needell On the Jaguar XJ220

When we were on the Gumball a month and a half ago, founder Maximillion Cooper showed up driving an XJ220 wrapped in flat black vinyl with gold-wrapped wheels. On one hand, we were flabbergasted, having never actually seen one in real life. We were also rather flummoxed at how cheap the thing seemed. We would have loved to have checked out the twin-turbo, over-200-mph V6 supercar sans covering. Here's a trip back in time, back to when the XJ was still officially the fastest car in the world. Tiff Needell wrings it out.

Long Live the Replicants: Proteus to Build a Jag C-Type Coupe [Internal]

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At those speeds, 5 mph more is all 60 hp is going to get you.

I have the Lemons book. It's good for a laugh when you're ill. I have a World's Worst Aircraft book, too. I guess I revel in awfulness.

The XJ220 never really grabbed me. Can't explain it. I mean, I've never given a care about Ferrari or Lambo; they crank out supercars because that's what they've chosen to do. The Ford GT impressed me because it was what an everyday manufacturer produced when it got sick and tired of hearing Ferrari boast about how great it was. But the Jag just didn't resonate on any level. Weird.