Thunder Bunny! Volkswagen May Build SEMA Concept

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Those Volkswagen tuners at the SEMA show may hearken a plan to launch an auto das ist pimpen in the US, according to Automotive News. The trade daily reports VW's Thunder Bunny concept it showed at SEMA (pictured) could see daylight eventually. The company is also looking toward increasing the availability of accessories through VW dealers, though won't go overboard with upgrades that aren't functional, or are too "bombastic," according to one VW manager (guess the rumored Siegfried & Roy Edition Passat is out). V-dub is also planning to gauge interest in the 'Bunny — which was designed at VW's Santa Monica studio and sports a Neuspeed-tuned, 225-hp, 2.5-liter turbocharged engine, Brembo brakes, Bilstein coil-over shocks, a short-throw shift kit and 19" wheels — before greenlighting the project. We'd rather see V-dub build the RGTI concept it showed at SEMA, though with a new R32 (or R36) on the way, that preference may be moot. [Gallery]


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Any word yet on a five door R32 coming to the U.S.?

If not then I'll take its lack of a decision to import the five door R32 as conclusive proof that the buffoons running VW's North American sales operation just do not understand their market at all.