Here’s what Italdesign had to say about the 860-E:

Do you remember the #Ducati860 we had the chance to design back in the 70s? It was so futuristic it was probably way too ahead of its time. That’s why today, almost 50 years later, we asked our designers to re-imagine this model. The Ducati 860-E Concept keeps some of the iconic lines of the original one, like the tank hull continuing under the saddle, projected into the next future. Fully electric and quiet, with a mind-blowing design.


I would personally love to see Ducati build this bike as an electric upright naked in the vein of a smaller, sportier, and more compact LiveWire One. It’s such a cool look, and has such an iconic silhouette, that I think it could actually be a decent seller if the price was right. Stack this in the lineup between the Scrambler and Monster, priced around 15 grand, and it’ll be killer. Let’s say 70 horsepower? Yeah, I’d buy that.