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Three Years Needed To Clean NYC Bus Terminal's Wretched Bathrooms

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey recently stated it would take three years to upgrade the bathrooms at its bus terminal, the single worst place on earth. It only took four years for them to build the entire fucking George Washington Bridge.


This news comes from this New York Times report today on the wonderful Port Authority attempting to open up some transparency after the whole mess about intentionally causing a traffic jam over personal vendettas.

Here's the key line from the Times.

Cedrick Fulton, the Port Authority's director of tunnels, bridges and terminals, said it would take three more years to finish upgrading the restrooms, a schedule that some commissioners seemed to find puzzling. [Port Authority Chairman] Mr. Degnan pointed out that it took less than four years to build the George Washington Bridge.


Now is a good moment to point out that the Port Authority claims that the George Washington Bridge is the busiest motor vehicle bridge in the entire world. There is no other 14-lane suspension bridge anywhere on the globe.

At this point you might be laughing to yourself, "haha there's no way the bathrooms are that bad."

You are mistaken. They are that bad.

Photo Credit: Getty Images