Three People Were Killed In A Possible Street Race Crash

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A possible street race is to blame for the death of two teenage girls and one driver in Pennsylvania, according to NBC Philadelphia. Christopher Bloomfield was driving an estimated 75 MPH when he crashed his 2007 Acura into a tree in Bustleton. The section of road in question has a speed limit of 35 MPH.

Video evidence shows another car driving near the Acura shortly before the crash. It’s unclear whether the two cars were racing, but at speeds exceeding 40 miles over the limit, it seems like a safe assumption. Investigators are seeking the drivers of the other car to provide any information about the crash.

Bloomfield walked away from the crash. His teenage passengers were not so lucky. Sabrina Rhoads and Yvette Gonzalez were ejected from the car and killed at the scene, as was 20-year-old bystander Felip Hernandez of New Jersey. Another teenage passenger, Bagdon Arutyunov, was ejected from the vehicle and remains in critical condition. It is believed the victims were not wearing seatbelts at the time of the crash.


(via NBC Philadelphia)

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