Three die after ramming car into brick wall while unbelted

Two men and a woman died early Thursday after the Hyundai Accent they were driving rammed the side of a New Jersey elementary school, with enough force to push the car onto its nose. Why the crash happened remains a mystery, but NBC's Today Show went so far as to speculate it was a possible "suicide pact."


Police in Ocean County, N.J., say the trio were not wearing seat belts, and there were no sign of skid marks; they declined to say whether there was evidence of drugs or alcohol. The car had to burst through a small brick wall before hitting the school. Friends and acquaintances of the three victims — Matthew Budesa, 20, Kimberley Van Gorden, 20, and Matthew Witzgall, 21 — say they saw no signs that any were considering suicide.

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Jonathan Harper

Stupid late night ideas lead to this.

Darwin FTW!