Those Idiots Who Totaled Their Supercars In China Are Actually Heroes

The joy of the internet is that something can be right, and something can be wrong, but both are given equal footing. I stand (or rather sit, let’s be honest) to proclaim one Justin Westbrook WRONG. Because taking your super cars across the Himalayas is fucking beautiful. The guys who ruined those cars aren’t idiots—they’re heroes.


If there’s one complaint we have about those that own the must splendid, most impeccable machines ever completed by the aspirations of humanity, it’s that they’re not used properly. They’re sheltered, cloistered away from that which they are intended.

Take a Ferrari on a track? Fuck no, what if the next guy whose supposed to see it learns of its depreciated value? Even take it out of its protective hermetically sealed garage? What on Earth are you thinking?

That is the redoubt of those who don’t love their cars. That line of thinking is the stronghold of those that love objects - for their objective, physical sake.

But we don’t love cars for what they are—which, as currently embattled Top Gear host Chris Evans noted, is merely comprised of tin and rubber. We love cars for the whole that is greater than the sum of their parts.


We love cars for what they represent. Freedom. Pure, simple, and true.

Alright, so the guy with the Lamborghini is piloting a work of art down a fucking mountain. I get it, it’s disrespectful? I guess? If you’re one of those people who gives a shit?


But I don’t. I love that cars can take you anywhere, to the point where they will lay down their fucking lives for you to do it.

So bravo to you, Chinese supercar owners. Bravo to you, heralds of Freedom throughout the land. Bravo to you, because you want to go wherever your heart desires, in the way that your heart desires. And you want to have a fucking hilarious time on the way there.


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