Welcome to Paper Jam, the feature where we highlight the best automotive advertisements from the past! Print might be nearly dead, but our scanners are just getting warmed up.

Have you ever been to the Lake Erie Junior Nature and Science Center in Bay Village, Ohio? There’s a women there claiming that we could say our station wagon is running on peanuts. So, we will say that. And because our station wagon is twice the size of your average wagon, you can put a cow or a deer in it. Don’t worry! It’s 1971, so transporting animals this way will also be totally legal. Just jam it full of ducks, cats, raccoons, 8-foot snakes, sheep, rabbits and guiana pigs, and be amazed how the big box will take them week after week with ease.

Call VW and ask your dealer about having one horsepower too many.

Photo credit: Volkswagen via Life Magazine May 14 1971 via Sensei Alan