This Wooden Ferrari 250 GTO Actually Runs And Drives

It took 70 days to build, which might be worth it considering the price of a real one.

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When David MacNeil bought a 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO back in 2018, he paid $70 million for the vehicle, which effectively brought it up to being the most expensive car in the world. A rare machine with only 36 models ever made, it makes sense — but it doesn’t make it a friendly collector car for the average human being. So, why not carve your own out of wood?

That’s exactly what Vietnamese YouTuber ND - Woodworking Art went ahead and did. You can watch the video here:

As he writes in his bio, this fella uses wood from discarded wood so he doesn’t contribute to deforestation to make his beautiful creations.


He notes that this whole project took him 70 days. The video itself is split up into parts, so you can easily tune into check out the chassis manufacture or the carefully crafted body.

It is a miniature version of the Ferrari 250, but I’m not going to lie — I actually kind of like it better than the real machine. The effort that went into the curving the wood for the body panels and installing the smaller components is incredible. If you’ve ever worked with wood before, you know how tough this all is. I tried my hand at making a CD case back in woodshop when I was 12, and the experience was so horrifying that I never again attempted anything with wood. This YouTuber is a stronger man than I.


The YouTuber made this car for his son, and at the end of the video, you can see the two men swapping cars — after 70 days of hard work, this fella was rewarded with a Mercedes-Benz. That was probably a pretty solid motivating factor when the work got tough.