This Wonderfully Bonkers Dutchman Built a Car You Drive From a Hammock

I wasn’t previously familiar with the works of Master Milo, the Netherland’s premier organization for turning rusted-out shitboxes into genuinely bonkers vehicular wonders, but I’m glad I’m aware now. He (or the group? I’m not entirely clear if “Master Milo” refers to one person or an organization) has (or have?) just completed a project that seems like a deliriously bad idea: a car you drive from a hammock.


The description on their YouTube video says that they were asked to “asked to build something which has to do with freedom” and from there they speculated “how much more free can you be as you can drive your car from your hammock?

I mean, I get that hammocks are relaxing and, I suppose, freeing, in a way, but based on how difficult it is to get in or out of a hammock, let alone move around while inside one, I can honestly say I’ve never felt the urge to be operating a motor vehicle while in a hammock.

After seeing how it turned out, I think I’m sticking with my initial thoughts:

While I appreciate the junkyard engineering that went into turning that Suzuki into a hammock-piloted beast, that looks absolutely terrifying. It looks like you can control the throttle and, I think, the brake with a hand control, and luckily this Suzuki is an automatic, so they didn’t have to figure out how to operate a clutch while in a hammock.

Once that hammock starts pendulum-ing around, how the hell can you steer that thing? It seems like the center of gravity is kind of higher, too, which isn’t doing the handling any favors.

And yet, I really want to try driving this thing. But, you know, I’m an idiot.

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prototype for a hammock sharing startup

Looking forward to the instagram feed full of pictures of people hammocking in a park with their dogs.