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We've seen a lot of things people shouldn't do while driving, but here's a new one: shooting heroin.


The Dayton Daily News reports that last Friday, a police officer in Dayton, OH, looked up to see a blond woman, 25-year-old Abby Elsner, in the car next him. Elsner had both arms up, she was steering with her knees, and she was sticking a needle in her arm. She was injecting heroin while driving.

Elsner spotted the cop, pulled out the needle and tossed it to her passenger, 36-year-old Shawn Abby, who tried to hide the needle in her waistband.


Unsurprisingly, they were pulled over. Elsner and Abby had less than a gram of heroin in the car and were both arrested.

(Hat tip to Michael!)

Photo Credit: Dayton Police Department

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