This Woman Vandalized Her Boyfriend's Car While Drunk, High, Nude

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This delicate flower is Chandra Reed, 23, of Mesa, Arizona. Police responded to her boyfriend's call claiming she'd broken the windows out of his car with a dog leash. She allegedly answered the door nude, holding a can of beer.

Miss Reed and her significant other supposedly got into an argument in which she apparently (according to her boyfriend and the police) decided was best ended by bashing out the windows of his car with a dog leash and throwing stuff at it, causing upwards of a thousand dollars in damage. When police arrived at the scene the boyfriend directed them to her home and they knocked on the door. Police claim she answered completely nude, drunk and high and to top it off was belligerent with the officers, calling them pigs and head-butting one. She was arrested on aggravated assault and criminal damage charges.

What is with all the nude craziness lately? Perhaps it's just the beginning of the weirdness leading up to December 21st, 2012 when the world ends. Maybe that's how it goes down, a bunch of drunk, nude, high people running around blowing shit up. Maybe President Obama, just defeated that November by President-elect Sarah Palin, goes on a drunken nude bender, lamenting how his short-lived presidency coulda been something. In a moment of apathy and outrage he hits the big red button and launches a couple thousand nukes, "This'll show that loony bitch for winking at me. You betcha" [AZCentral via VWVortex]


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Geo Metro Man

President-elect Sarah Palin getting ready to replace Obama would make me a very happy man.