This woman set fire to her cheating boyfriend's car dealership

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Perhaps Lefrance Defrank thought hiding his car from the woman he was cheating on at the car dealership he worked at would avoid it being torched. It didn't, and the resulting fire spread across new vehicles on the lot.


25-year-old Delray Beach, Florida resident Tochara Stepehns discovered last week Defrank was cheating on her. Rather than work this out in couple's counseling, she took the Left-Eye Lopez approach and decided to torch his stuff.

Sometime after midnight she broke into the Volkswagen dealership where Defrank worked as a mechanic and allegedly set fire to his 1998 purple Oldsmobile. The fire then spread to a 2011 Jetta and a 2011 GTI, damaging both vehicles before firefighters put out the flames.

A police officer found Stephens across the street with two red gas containers and a baseball bat in her car. Stephens explained she was angry because Defrank went back to having sex with the "mother of his son," although I somehow suspect that's not quite the verbiage she used.

Happy Valentine's Day!


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