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This is Jennifer Gille. Early Sunday, the 29-year-old hailed a cab in New Orleans, then tried to order a ride home to Michigan. When the cabbie refused, she stripped naked and stole the cab. No beads for her!


The cab driver picked up 29-year-old Jennifer Gille from a Covington, Louisiana, motel Sunday night and was instructed to take her to a local address.

But when the driver arrived at the address, the woman "refused to get out of the cab," police said in a statement.


"To further complicate matters, the female began acting crazy and took off her clothing, demanding the cab driver take her to Michigan," the statement from the police said.

Instead of making the 1,000-mile trek to Michigan, the cab driver went to a local police station for help.
When the driver went inside to get help, the woman stole the taxi, police said.

"It didn't take long to locate the vehicle; it was parked in a parking lot a block from the police department. Officers found the woman in the back seat of the cab still undressed," police said.

Gille now faces charges of vehicle theft and obscenity — which we guess is what people in Louisiana are charged with when they're naked and not on Bourbon Street.


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