An Alabama woman on Friday received an anniversary gift — a brand-new 2011 red Chevrolet Camaro. On Monday, Christina Bellah allegedly jumped into the driver's seat, sped away and totaled it within a few minutes.

The Mobile, Ala., woman says she was putting her purse in the Camaro's trunk while getting ready for a walk in a park when another woman, since identified as Christina Bellah, jumped into the driver's seat.

"I said, 'Get out of my car!', and she said 'Do you know me? This is my car, get away from my car,'" the victim told a local TV station.

The Camaro's owner "tussled" with Bellah for control of the keys, but Bellah started the car and fled at what the owner estimated was close to 70 mph. Police say Bellah hit two vehicles with people inside, inflicting minor injuries.


Seconds later, Bellah inflicted the coup de grâce upon the Camaro in a single-vehicle accident, injuring herself enough in the process to require a hospital stay. Bellah has since been lodged in the Mobile jail, charged with two crimes and had a bail set at $9,000.

Police say they haven't settled on whether mental issues or chemical ones played a larger role in the Camaro's demise.

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(Thanks to David for the tip!) [Mobile-Register, WALA/Fox 10]