This Woman Blamed "Xanax Shortage" For Crashing Into Bike Cop

67-year-old Lorraine P. Levine of Arlington, Texas attempted to mow down a police officer directing traffic at the funeral for a recently slain police officer yesterday. Her excuse? She halved her dosage of Xanax that morning.

Unhappy with the sudden traffic delay for the procession of Officer Jillian Smith, Levine gunned her Honda Civic's engine and aimed the sedan at a Fort Worth Police Sergeant on a motorcycle.


He jumped out of the way, but not before she hit his bike and flipped him the bird. The woman was apprehended after a short chase that ended when she was stopped by traffic. Levine told investigators it was the lack of a full dosage of the anti-depressent Xanax that caused her to act out. She also told them her name was "Lorraine Rogson."

Police charged her with hit-and-run and evading arrest and, according to the Arlington P.D, she posted $7,500 bail and was released yesterday evening. (H/T to Ryan)


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