Never underestimate Japan’s ability to take something great and make it greater through the magic of excess. This RX-7 time attack racer is aiming for a sub-1-minute lap of the Tsukuba circuit. Because it is such a short and tricky track, that’s a really difficult time to achieve. I remember spending hours trying to eke out miliseconds at Tsukuba in college playing Gran Turismo 4 on Playstation. As it turns out, all it takes is a wing as tall and wide as most humans with an endplate as big as a dinner table.

Sticky tires, lots of aero grip, and *just* enough power and it’s possible. Too much power won’t do you much good at this track, as it’s more of a momentum and flow situation. It’s all about carrying speed through the course’s smooth corners. That’s what makes this car, a naturally aspirated rotary, such a bold and interesting choice. Sure, it makes power, but it doesn’t need a turbo to go fast.


It’s mesmerizing to watch this giant wing sail through the course. And the F&F obsessed tuner-wannabe teenager that played all those hours of GT4 thinks it’s dope as shizz, homey.

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