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​This Windshield Turns Your World Into Gran Turismo

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

You know those racing lines that are superimposed on the track in Gran Turismo and Forza? Jaguar wants to bring them to your street car with its Virtual Windscreen concept. Oh, and that includes the "ghost car" that's always kicking your ass.

Jaguar and Land Rover unleashed a torrent of new tech concepts, and what they lack in explanation they make up for in awesome.


The headline feature is a windshield that's basically a massive head-up display, with projections of everything from speed to navigation icons that would replace the tiny HUDs we have today. But even that's too pedestrian for Jag.

For track junkies that want to wring out their F-Type, the system shows the racing line – complete with braking and acceleration points – along with virtual cones, and yes, even a ghost car that could replace an instructor or show you how you've improved after multiple laps.


Jag's engineers have also developed a new 3D instrument cluster that tracks your head and eye movement to render a gauges that appear to float in front of you, and – more realistically – a new camera system that ditches both the rearview and exterior mirrors to project what's happening behind you directly in your field of vision.

Since this is all about concepts, they're also showing off a gesture control system using "E-Field Sensing", similar to the ones we've seen from BMW, Mercedes, and Hyundai, which could appear next year. And we all know how you feel about that.

But as impressive as all this is, Jaguar isn't saying when or if it's coming to market. So the closest we may get is the video below.