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This Will Be The Best Rambler American Roadster Hot Rod Ever

Let me just be up front here and admit my bias: I know Tom Jennings, and love the guy. He was on my LeMons race team, and is a good friend. He's also the guy I look up to most for any hands-on project. I think "what would Tom do?" and then usually screw it up. And he's building this really interesting Rambler hot rod.


This little video is a project for where he teaches, at CalArts, but it gives a good introduction to Tom's current project and the way he approaches things. This isn't exactly the usual sort of hot rod — almost nobody does this sort of thing to this era Rambler American, but Tom's explored it in detail.


I especially like his novel approach to the dashboard. I think that LED matrix to give an at-a-glance view to the car's "mood" is especially interesting. We'll have more on the progress of Tom's car as it develops. Should be fun.

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I want the same thing that this guys is smoking..