While we don't know exactly why this 1964 Chevrolet Corvette decided to set itself on fire, these pictures tell a pretty clear story of what happened after it did. Currently for sale on Ebay, this charred 'Vette is being offered as a parts car or a pretty serious project.

From the looks of the pictures the fire started in the engine bay—more specifically from the carburetor—and moved backward destroying the interior and most of the paint in the process. Not surprisingly, the car's fiberglass body work also appears to have had a fairly negative reaction to being on fire.


According to the seller the most expensive parts of this vehicle are still good—a fairly hard to believe claim considering the car needs extensive paint and body work as well as some pretty serious engine repair. Beyond this we can only start guessing at the countless smaller mechanical components that were fried and destroyed after being exposed to that kind of extreme heat.

It seems someone knows what to do with this Corvette as bidding has reached $13,000 with a little less than three days left on the auction. Who knows exactly what the new owner plans to do with this car, but we sincerely hope if they do decide to rebuild it they are able to get the car's desire to set itself on fire under control in the process.



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