The second episode of The Grand Tour was a huge disappointment for some of us last week, featuring jokes that missed the mark and a bizarre, in a bad way, time-warping action sequence. This weekā€™s episode looks to snap back to being a fun show about cars.

The third episode sees the crew heading ā€˜homeā€™, pitching their tent in Whitby, UK. Italy is where the magic seems to be happening, though.

One word: Hellcat. More special words: Aston Martin DB11. Also technically words: Rolls-Royce.

Thereā€™s hand job mannerisms, actual ā€œgrand touring,ā€ and what seems to be a promise of the team actually destroying Clarksonā€™s house, which is punishment for losing in the Holy Trinity segment in the first episode.

Canā€™t wait to watch his house blow up! (Though weā€™ve already read about it.) The episodes typically show up on Amazon Prime at around 7 P.M. on Thursday, if youā€™re on the East Coast.