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  • Bedtime for Bureaucracy: Auto Engineers and Designers Build Own Car
    I had a car just like that in the early '80s... it had HeMan sheets.
    by DannyBoy
  • Are the Dodges Homophobes?
    Here's a better ad: a cute baby's b-day party with puppies and pony rides and bright colors and all that cuteness. Then the caliber rolls up all tough looking and drops off a bad-ass baby dressed in punk clothes and sunglasses and a mohawk or whatever and the entire party stops (record screeching, balloons pop, kid falls of pony) to check him out. Caliber is anything but cute?
    by supermike
  • Holy Sheebus! The Wha? Camino!
    I can't believe all you guys don't recognize the 2004 Hoopty Hoonage S! Oh, the "S" is supposed to be italic to be completely correct, but whatever.
    by rheiser
  • Dieses Ist Auto Reggie Bush's?
    With a front end like that, it'd better be burning coal and pulling box cars over a snowy mountain pass
    by akier
  • Remote Turbo System for Mustangs
    Hmmm, cherry red hot glowing turbocharger inches from my gas tank. Intake filter directly behind my exposed rear tyre, the ground and every puddle I desperately try to avoid. A cubic yard of air volume between the turbo and my intake manifold and no lag? I think STS may have stolen the entire Ford Pinto engineering team.
    by Bakafish
  • Death to the S2000, Viva XGA!
    Milestones of my geek past:
    CGA: Zaxxon,
    EGA: Commander Keen: Invasion of the Vorticons
    VGA: Wolfenstein 3D, Jill of the Jungle, Wing Commander 2, Doom, Syndicate, X-Com (lots of action in here)
    SVGA: Sim City 2000, Crusader: No Remorse
    Windows 3.1: SkiFree
    Windows 95: Mechwarrior 2
    by Will Moseley
  • Another Coachbuilt Ferrari: The 575 GTZ
    Oh yeah, well I'm commisioning a bobble-head doll of myself in a red ferrari F1 outfit to debut in the concourse d'el camino later this week. Advantage - me.
  • If I win the lottery mark my words - Enzomino just to piss everyone off.
    by sebrock
  • Lance Armstrong to Drive Indy Pace Car
    Has jay Leno done any monologing about Armstrong's pace-car-driving gig? It would be interesting to see/hear if he broke Lance's ball over it.
    by scotte

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