This VW Ad Shows How Easy It Is To Kill Yourself With A Text Message

There are a lot of driving laws I don't agree with, starting with 55 MPH speed limits. But one that is definitely not enforced enough is the prohibition on texting while driving. It's such an absorbing distraction that comes on so quickly that it genuinely is incredibly dangerous. And Volkswagen demonstrated just that.

Okay, so people are probably at least slightly less likely to check a text message while driving a car than when they are sitting, stationary, in a movie theater, while an ad is playing, and nobody really cares to watch it.


But the point stands. Checking your phone for a text message takes just a few seconds, and in those few seconds you can lose control, potentially injuring yourself or worse.

So, don't text and drive. Unless you're not actually driving, and you're sitting in a movie theater instead. In which case, feel free to read your text messages, as long as you're not actually disturbing someone else's enjoyment of a film they actually paid some good money to see. But if you're sitting there watching Transformers 9 or whatever, don't pull out your phone, because it can make noise and even if it doesn't the light will distract people. And you don't want to be that guy.

Don't be that guy.

Yes, I think that's the takeaway.

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