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This Volvo Isn't What You Think It Is

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Over the past day we’ve literally received an email, alerting us to a supposed Volvo “goof.” Volvo, it was said, had inadvertently unveiled the 2019 Volvo S60 in an internal video, and the world was beginning to talk. Unfortunately, it’s not a secret new Volvo at all.


I actually totally get why it’s plausible that this would be the S60, which we’re probably not going to see until the 2018 Detroit Auto Show or Geneva Motor Show, which is where we just saw the upcoming S60's stablemate, the 2018 Volvo XC60. It’s the right size and shape for a new Volvo sedan, and it even comes complete with Volvo’s new-ish Thor’s Hammer headlight design.

Sure, it’s a bit weirdly proportioned, and it might be a smaller S40 based on the Volvo 40.2 concept from last year, but hey. Looks like a new Volvo, quacks like a new Volvo, so it must be a new Volvo, right?


Sadly no.

We were pretty much at that point as well, but just to make sure, we rang up Volvo to see if they had any comment. It was about that time where they pointed us to this video showing the latest iteration of its blind spot warning system:

And in case you didn’t stay through until the very end because why the hell would you, there’s this warning:

Illustration for article titled This Volvo Isnt What You Think It Is

There, in blaring (not really, but to us they felt BLARING) letters it reads “the exterior shows a generic car.” So sadly, not a new Volvo.


We can understand why you’d be tricked at first, seeing as how it’s a random Volvo video, and it looks plausible, but no.

Do not be tricked.

h/t to Hoccino Coffees!

Deputy Editor, Jalopnik. 2002 Lexus IS300 Sportcross.

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Volvo screwed up. We weren’t supposed to see the 2019 Volvoman until at least this fall.