This Viper VS. Hellcat VS. Hellcat Tug-Of-War Burnout Is More 'Murica Than You Can Handle

On this day of our Dodge 7/07, we gather here today to celebrate all 707 horsepower of the mighty Hellcat engine along with its V10 friend in the Viper. Let us turn to the book of Toby, verse Keith: “This burnout shall be brought to you courtesy of the red, white and blue.” Amen.

This footage is from August 2015 at the Pontiac Silverdome in Pontiac, Michigan, long before the lot was taken over by puny cheater Volkswagens. Roadkill Nights decided to tie three of Dodge’s most powerful cars together to create the ultimate American tug-of-war burnout: a Viper, a Challenger Hellcat and a Charger Hellcat.


That’s at least 2,059 horsepower in one burnout trio, or what we in America like to call “almost enough.” The sound alone, with the deep roar offset by supercharger whine, is the stuff of hopes, dreams, magic, love and Whataburger taquito runs.

These colors don’t run, baby. They do kind of float around in a cloud of tire smoke for a little while, though.

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