This Vintage Jeep Races As A Rally Car

When you think of Jeeps off the pavement, you tend to think of them rock crawling. Two guys out in Michigan run theirs in rally.

This is an old CJ-8 Scrambler driven by Mike Purzycki of Fenton, MI and codriven by Chris Bargman in the Magnum Opus rally that ran this weekend.


The truck competed in SCCA Pro-Rally with some success back in the '80s and continued on into the '90s. It even raced at Pikes Peak in '89!

Here are the specs as a former co-driver remembers on the CJ-8 forum.

AMC 401 V8 (built w/high comp, decent cam, single plane intake, etc.)
Manual shift Turbo 400 Trans
Dana 20 transfer case
Dana 44 Rear
Custom Dana 30 front with Dana 44 center section front axle (old school way,1970's/80's technology, to get Dana 44 in the front end)
Steel body w/full cage


The truck had been in retirement for years and only just re-entered competition. I can't think of a Jeep in the country I'd rather see than this thing.

Photo Credit and hat tip to Dusty Ventures!

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