This Vintage Educational Video Tells The Fascinating Story Of Detroit's Weird Roads

If you’ve ever been to the Motor City, you’ve probably gotten yourself lost. That’s because roads often turn at weird angles, stop and restart blocks away or unexpectedly dead end into freeways. Even lifelong natives can get completely turned around in the sprawling, tangled mess. How did a city, home to the mass produced automobile which boasts the first stretch of paved road in America, become such a headache for drivers?


This short and very charming vintage documentary explains the complex history of Detroit’s growth going all the way back to a guy named Cadillac and a trading post he founded in 1701. Even if you have no interest in history or urban planning, it’s worth watching just for the amazing, giant American cars filling the streets and delightful soundtrack.

Managing Editor of Jalopnik.

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What’s interesting about Detroit is none of the roads lead to NFL playoff success.