This Video Takes the Mystery Out of Clutch Replacement

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Screenshot: ChrisFix (YouTube)

Transmission work can seem particularly daunting to D.I.Y. mechanics, partially because it involves a lot of heavy and hard-to-reach pieces. But like most automotive repairs, a methodical approach and a clear tutorial can get pretty much anybody through it.

ChrisFix has been one of my favorite YouTubers for a long time. His POV filming perspective and extremely newbie-friendly manner of explanations makes his instruction videos some of the best online.


His walk-through here covers a pretty comprehensive clutch swap, including replacing the pilot bearing, throwout bearing, main seal and flywheel.

It’s a long one–I’d recommend pouring yourself a beverage and watching this whole thing before you start your clutch swap project, rather than crawling under your car with your laptop and this video queued up.

Obviously every car is a little different, but the components of most manual transmissions are going to be the same in this video provides a very solid baseline.

In my personal experience, changing out a clutch is a dirty and time-consuming task. But it’s also pretty expensive to outsource. Having done it once myself (1989 Mazda RX-7), and having paid somebody else to do it another time, (1975 International Scout) I can’t say unequivocally which way you should go. But if you are bold enough to take on the job, this video is a great place to start.

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I’d use a good helper.