This Video Shows Why It's Stupid To Street Race No Matter Your Car

One of the big misconceptions about street racing is that it's all done by idiot kids in Honda Civics. Another is that if you have a nice car, then you must be a good driver. But here we have a Nissan GT-R racing against a Ferrari 458 in Taiwan, until everything completely and inevitably falls apart.

I totally get the compulsion to street race if you're in one of these cars. "This is a beautiful machine, purpose-built for speed and the crucible of the track," you might think. "Surely it can handle doing 90 or whatever on a piddly little highway."


But alas, you are not Mario Andretti, and besides, Mario Andretti never had to contend with himself being an idiot and racing someone else in a Nissan GT-R while traffic placidly toodles along in the next lane over.

Don't be a tool.

H/t to Carscoops!

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