This Video Shows What Not To Do When You Hit Someone's Car (UPDATE)

What do you do when you hit another car? Do you (A) stop and give your insurance information, (B) run away, or (C) crash into the offending car again as well as three other vehicles?

I will also add this question for what's the proper protocol when your car gets hit. Do you (A) pull over and try to talk with the other driver, (B) use your car to block the other driver, as well as other traffic, or (C) pull out a club and bash on the offending car's window while yelling?


That's correct! You correctly deduced that attacking an SUV driver's window is a bad idea. It's particularly bad in the wake of another SUV driver getting his windows smashed, then pulled from the car and beaten in front of his family after a hit-and-run incident as well.

As usual, no one in this situation was in the right, and everyone made bad decisions. Don't act like this, people.

UPDATE: It turns out that the SUV was stolen. And the driver was arrested. And the damage to the taxi cab is greater than $3,000. This information comes from the police speaking to DNA Info Chicago. According to the president of the taxi company involved, the driver was reprimanded for confronting the other driver, DNA Info Chicago also reports.

(Hat tip to Rick!)

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