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This Video Of A Racer's Desperate Repair Effort Might Make You Cry

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

There's more to racing than cars and there was no more compelling moment in this year's 24 Hours of Le Mans than when driver Satoshi Motoyama tried in vain to fix his crashed DeltaWing racecar, weeping as he failed to get it back in the race.


It's getting dusty in here. Damn allergies.

According to Le Mans rules, a driver may not walk more than a short distance from his car or allow it to be touched by a track official or else he is retired. When Motoyama was punted off the track by an inattentive Toyota prototype gunning for the lead, it was up to Motoyama alone to get his DeltaWing back to the pits.


Working for two hours, he could not repair the most radical car to take to Le Mans in the last half century to working condition. He deserved the crowd's applause as he walked away from the wreck.

You can watch the unedited coverage of the repairs here.

(Hat tip to ThirdPedalGirl!)