This Video Of A Pickup Crashing Into A Bus Is Nuts

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I’m not even sure where to begin here. A couple weeks back, 82-year-old Neil Brownell was driving a pickup truck on a upstate New York highway, when he came across a line of vehicles wending down an off-ramp. He reportedly tried to brake, but that didn’t happen. Instead, he punched the gas pedal and flew off the road and landed inside a bus.

A local police spokesperson told that Brownell apparently wasn’t familiar with Syracuse, and said he was ticketed for “failure to reduce speed on a curve and failure to keep right on a highway.” Uh, that may be the way to legally phrase the situation, but, shit, Brownell’s failure to hit the brakes caused quite a scene. obtained security footage, and here’s how the news site recapped the moment:

One video frame captured the truck knocking over a road sign before striking the side of the bus. The bus was stopped on Park Street at the Farmers Market Place traffic light.

In another frame, a passenger put her hands on her face after spotting the oncoming truck. A man sitting across the aisle from her turned around and started to stand just before the collision.

The man was thrown into the air. He struck the other side of the bus before falling to the floor.

The camera shows a small fire starting and quickly burning out inside the bus.

Another camera shows two passengers toward the back of the bus are lifted up and tossed aisde by the impact.

Other camera angles show frightened passengers hurrying to get off the bus.

Many of the passengers appear to scatter off the bus without aiding others, save for what appears to be one lady and the bus driver, Daphne Ross-Powell, who immediately asked: “Alright? Is everybody alright?” (Particularly noteworthy is the guy who literally drop kicks the door to escape. Cool edit,


Thankfully, the crash only led to minor injuries for eight people, with zero fatalities—a welcomed outcome, especially after seeing this footage.