This V8 Powered Rat Rod 964 Is A Middle Finger To Porsche Restomods

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. So it stands to reason that for every 911 that Singer has meticulously “re-imagined” there is another craftsman who takes a classic Porsche and goes in a completely opposite direction.

This creation comes from French hot rod shop Danton Arts Kustoms, and you can check out how this build came together on their website. Needless to say, some Porsche purists are going to have some feelings about this.


According to AutoEvolution, not only was the 964's air-cooled flat-six removed and replaced by a Ford big block V8, but the whole body has been chopped, stretched, and dropped to what can only be described as some kind of mutation between a one of Germany’s finest cars combined with a gnarly American hot rod.

And as much as I love old Porsches, I have to say I kinda love it. The whole thing looks appropriate for some super-villain in some post apocalyptic vehicular death match.

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